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Pforzheim is a watch city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The traditional German watchmaking town of Pforzheim gained wealth and fame in the 18th century by the emerging jewelery and watch industry. End of the 20th century this industry comes under pressure by increasing competitors from the Far East. In Pforzheim the renowned Vocational School for Watchmakers Pforzheim (Berufsfachschule für Uhrmacher) is located.

Well-known watch manufacturers resident in the city were Aristo, Laco and Stowa, each of which, inter alia, are known for their pilot's watch series. The Fricker GmbH is a renowned case maker. Also from Pforzheim comes the Scheufele family, which formerly produced their brand “Eszeha” here and in the meantime has reached worldwide fame with the Swiss luxury manufacturer Chopard.

In addition, many well-known brands have settled their German offices in Pforzheim, for example, Maurice Lacroix, Sector and Cimier.

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