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 +====== Benzinger, Jochen ======
 +{{wst>image_r|Benzinger, Jochen|Jochen Benzinger\\ © [[Benzinger]]}}
 +**Jochen Benzinger** is a German watch engraver, watch guillocheur and watch manufacturer.
 +Jochen Benzinger was born [[1961]]. He completed an engraver's apprenticeship in the German watchmaking town of [[Pforzheim]] and subsequently learned [[guilloche|guilloching]] from old masters of this craft. [[1985]] he took over the Kollmar company, which had a long tradition of guilloche engraving. He initially engraved cufflinks and pendants, among other things, before small watch companies such as [[Martin Braun]] commissioned him to guilloche dials.
 +Meanwhile, the outstanding quality of his craft is widely known and appreciated.
 +Watch models by [[Grieb & Benzinger]] or [[Jaeger & Benzinger]] bear witness to his skill. In addition, Jochen Benzinger also takes on individual commissions upon request.
 +Also see:
 +  * [[Benzinger]]
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