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 +====== Code41 ======
 +{{wst>image_cr|Code41|X41 Edition 6 Titanium Rainbow}}
 +**Code41** is a Swiss watch manufacturer.
 +The company was founded in [[2016]] by Claudio D'Amore, who had designed watches for well-known Swiss brands such as [[Tag Heuer]] and [[Montblanc]]. The headquarters is located in Lausanne, Switzerland.
 +===== The community cooperation =====
 +Code41 sees itself not as a brand in the traditional sense, but more as a community project. The first mechanical watch was created in collaboration with a community of 57,000 members. Phase 1 became a reality on December 22, 2016 with a crowdfunding campaign which raised 543,150 CHF.
 +===== Transparency =====
 +With its TTO label (Total Transparency on Origin), Code41 places transparency at the heart of their approach. On their web site the costs of production are explained and listed in detail as well as the mark-ups required for the individual projects to be profitable.
 +But why the number 41? The founder gives these explanations: First this is the country code for Switzerland. And secondly CODE41 is also a system anomaly in IT and it was an amusing analogy because at the beginning the project had been seen as an anomaly in the swiss watch industry because of the total transparency and community oriented approach.
 +===== Watch lines =====
 +The main collections are 
 +  * Mecascape
 +  * [[Code41 X41|X41]]: [[Code41 X41 Edition 6|Edition 6]]
 +  * NB24
 +  * [[Code41 Anomaly Evolution|Anomaly Evolution]]
 +  * [[Code41 Day41|Day41]]
 +===== Weblinks =====
 +  *[[|]], official website
 +{{tag>Watch_brands Watch_brands_Switzerland}}
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