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 +====== Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon ======
 +{{wst>image_cr|Greubel Forsey|GMT Quadruple Tourbillon|320px}}
 +**GMT Quadruple Tourbillon** is a luxury wristwatch from [[Greubel Forsey]].
 +New edition of the previous model in white gold, this time (February [[2021]]) in titanium case and with sporty design. Although products of the highest rank are to be expected from the brand anyway, this model also represents a top performance within the in-house range.
 +Quadruple Tourbillon is Greubel Forsey’s second
 +Fundamental Invention, The mission: to average
 +out positional errors due to gravity in all situations,
 +especially in stable wristwatch positions.
 +To achieve this, the original tourbillon has been
 +elevated to realise its full potential: inclined at
 +30°, doubled and then quadrupled. The result,
 +two synchronised Double Tourbillon 30° mechanisms,
 +where a first cage, inclined at 30° and
 +rotating in one minute, is nested within a second
 +horizontal cage, completing a full rotation in four
 +minutes. A spherical differential transmits the
 +average timing rate of the four tourbillon cages,
 +improving the overall chronometric performance
 +of all the regulating organs.
 +Planet Earth, set near eight o’clock, shines in a
 +new light with the blue livery. An original Greubel
 +Forsey creation from ten years ago (2011), the
 +rotating terrestrial globe allows for the simultaneous
 +display of several different time zones: on the dial side, with a 24-hour ring around the
 +Earth, for Day/Night indication and on the caseback side, displaying 24 major cities their
 +respective time zones while distinguishing between those which use summer time (on a
 +light coloured backdrop), and those which do not (on a dark backdrop).
 +The sapphire crystal window around the equator completes the timepiece, offering a complete
 +view of the Earth in motion, with its continents immersed in the deep blue ocean waters, complementing the exquisite blue finish of the power reserve, hour circle and strap.
 +<html><div class="ud ud_mod"></html>
 +  * [[Manufacture caliber]] with manual winding, 21,600 A/h.
 +  * Inner tourbillons inclined at an angle of 30°: 1 revolution per minute
 +  * [[Outer tourbillons]]: 1 revolution in 4 minutes
 +  * [[Triple barrel]]
 +  * 84 jewels
 +  * 705 components
 +  * [[Power reserve]] 72 h
 +  * [[Titanium]]
 +  * Curved brushed titanium bezel with polished flanks
 +  * Ø 46.5 mm, H 17.45 mm
 +  * [[Sapphire crystal]], asymmetrically curved
 +  * Sapphire crystal back  
 +  * [[Waterproof]] to 3 atm
 +  * Multi-level in gold, anthracite colour
 +  * Gold hour ring and power reserve
 +  * Gold hour markers
 +  * Hour, minute, [[small second]]
 +  * [[Power reserve indicator]]
 +  * [[GMT]] function: 2nd time zone • rotating globe with universal time and day-and-night • universal
 +  * Time on 24 time zones • cities observing summer time • lateral window showing the equator
 +and southern hemisphere
 +  * Rubber or hand-sewn alligator with [[folding clasp]]
 +  * 11 pcs.
 +  * 760.000 CHF (2021)
 +===== Video =====
 +  * [[|Greubel Forsey GMT Quadruple Tourbillon]], YouTube, 0:59
 +{{tag>Watch_models GMT_watches Watches_with_Tourbillon Greubel_Forsey_models}}
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