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 +====== Lehmann, Markus ======
 +{{wst>image_r|Lehmann, Markus|Markus Lehmann\\ © [[Lehmann]]}}
 +**Markus Lehmann** is a German watch manufacturer.
 +Markus Lehmann from [[Schramberg]] builds in his birthplace under his own brand name [[Lehmann]] precision watches, incorporating many years of experience in the manufacture of movement components. The parent company //Lehmann Präzision// had previously been active in the aerospace, optical, solar, medical technology and watchmaking industries. It is the world market leader in precision mechanical assemblies and air-bearing high-frequency spindles.
 +Lehmann launched his ambitious watch production in [[2011]] with four [[manufacture]] movements and the corresponding four watch model series in the //Intemporal// line. He first appeared with this model range at the [[MunichTime]] [[2011]] before the watch-interested public.
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