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The Nomos Swing System as example of a completely in-house manufactured assortment
© Nomos

In horology, an assortment is a set of parts that form a unitary part of a watch.

Historically, "assortment" can generally refer to a number of different component sets:

In modern times, it is the regulating organ that is generally implied when one says "assortment", that is, the escape wheel, balance wheel, hairspring, anchor lever, pallet stones, and associated bridges. These are typically mounted together on a bridge and can be sourced separately from the ebauche, which includes the plates, wheel train, winding system, stem and crown, and other components.

Although many manufactures today create their own ebauche, most Swiss companies still rely on Swatch Group's Nivarox-FAR to supply the assortment.

A recent example of an assortment is the Nomos Swing System, which is completely manufactured and installed in-house by Nomos since 2014.