Bulgari Bulgari

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The Bulgari Bulgari is a classic watch produced by Bulgari since 1977.


Launched in 1977, the Bulgari watch designed by Gerald Genta became a sensation. Known as "Bulgari Bulgari" for the double naming on the bezel, the watch became the foundation of Bulgari's aspirations in watchmaking and growth to become one of the biggest names in jewelry worldwide.

The model was inspired by the limited run digital quartz Bulgari Roma which had a similar look and was offered to 100 top customers in 1975.

The watch features a flat, round bezel with the name "Bulgari" etched in it twice in bold, flat letters. The company claims that this simple design was inspired by a Roman coin or Roman classical columns. Some versions of the case are made of aluminum and fitted with a rubber strap that attached at the center rather than to traditional lugs, though many exist in steel and precious metals with standard lugs and straps.

Later models added complications, such as a chronograph, and precious metal and diamond set variations. But the core simplicity of the watch has made it an icon.