Corum Golden Bridge

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The Golden Bridge is a series of luxury watches from Corum produced since 1979 and featuring an unusual linear movement designed by Vincent Calabrese.


Corum launched the Golden Bridge model in 1979 at Montres et Bijoux. It featured a linear movement designed by Vincent Calabrese set in an unusual rectangular case of sapphire glass. The case, created by Seitz, was extremely long and narrow, roughly the same width as the strap, accentuating the unusual movement shape. The cylindrical faceted glass surrounds the movement, accentuating the unusual design. It is supported by an engraved back and end caps in gold with central lug attachment to the strap. This was one of the first haute horology watches designed to show the movement in a special case, a trend that dominates the segment today.

Calabrese had designed the movement based on a classic textbook illustration, inspired by a customer who exclaimed that no one cared about the movement of a watch. He decided to make the movement take center stage, and his prototype was exhibited at the Geneva Inventors' Show in 1977. René Bannwart, CEO of Corum, was impressed and decided to bring the model to production to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Corum in 1980.

In 2005, Corum celebrated their 50th anniversary with a new Golden Bridge model in a much larger case with a transparent back as well as windows in the side.

The Golden Bridge movement was rotated 90º for the 2009 Ti-Bridge, the first to place the crown at the traditional 3:00 location. It also features a solid case back and V-shaped trusses in the titanium case.

The first automatic Golden Bridge movement appeared in 2011. Cal. CO313 features a weight on a linear track behind the bridge movement. This was produced in new titanium and ceramic cases for 2014. A round case for the hand-winding Golden Bridge was added in 2016 along with a rectangular case the following year, both of which feature bridge-inspired decorations alongside the movement. A retro-inspired Stream Bridge Automatic also appeared in 2017, closer in shape and size to the original.