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Durowe is a German ebauche movement manufacturer. The name is an abbreviation of Deutsche Uhren-Roh-Werke (DuRoWe).

The company was founded 23 October 1933 in Pforzheim by Ludwig Hummel, to provide his company Laco with ebauche movements. During the Second World War, the factory was badly damaged. To bridge the production, the production was continued in the premises of the metal factory Wolff - which at this time was already in Hummels property - until in 1949 his own manufacturing facilities were at his disposal again.

On February 1, 1959 Ludwig Hummel sold his shares in the companies Laco and Durowe to the US Time Corporation. On September 1, 1965 this was taken over by the Swiss Ébauches SA in Neuchâtel.

At present the brand DUROWE is owned by Jörg Schauer, who had produced watches under his own name and who has also acquired the rights to the brand Stowa. A new movement has been developed: the calibre Durowe 7440 with three-quarter plate and the new regulation device "Duoreg", devised by Jörg Schauer.