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Sherpa is a brand used by Enicar on sports watches from the 1950s to today.


As was typical in the late 1950's, Enicar began supplying watches to mountain climbers and other adventurers as a marketing exercise. Enicar Seapearl watches accompanied the Swiss expedition to the top of Lhotse and Everest in the Himalayas in 1956, to much fanfare. Enicar seized on this publicity by branding their "explorer" watches "Sherpa" later that year. Over 100 different Enicar Sherpa watches were introduced in the following decade, becoming their most famous brand. Enicar also proved the ruggedness of their watches by attaching a Sherpa Ocean Pearl to the keel of the sailing ship Mayflower II as it crossed the Atlantic in 1957. This led to the creation of a family of Sherpa Dive watches.

Enicar's Sherpa Dive and Sea Pearl watches used the Super Compressor case throughout the 1960s and these remain prized today. The company also introduced a line of Sherpa Graph chronograph watches with Super Compressor cases in that decade, most with the popular Valjoux 72 movement. All of Enicar's Super Compressors feature a unique bayonet caseback and refer to a different patent (Brevet) number than other Compressor cases.

Many Sherpa watches were rebranded with the Star name in the 1960's as Enicar modernized their designs. The Sherpa brand was revived in the 1990s and later after the acquisition of Enicar by Wah Ming Hong. Today, the company sells an automatic chronograph model, the Enicar Sherpa Sport II.