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The JLC 881 is an automatic chronometer movement from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Introduced in 1961, the Calibre 881 was much more advanced than earlier Jaeger-LeCoultre automatic movements. No longer a bumper movement, Cal 881 features a full 360º winding system and, unlike many similar movements of the era, can wind in both directions. It beat at 19,800 vph, has a sweep second hand, and a date window.

The Calibre 881 was used in the famous Jaeger-LeCoultre Geomatic (ref E 398) and was submitted to COSC for chronometer certification. Jaeger-LeCoultre had earlier achieved chronometer certification with a descendent of their first automatic, P 476/3.

Cal. 880 Family

Calibre 881 was part of a family of movements, including Calibres 880, 882, and 883. There are three main variants of this family:

  • The basic movements have a fixed stud carrier
  • Later Chronometer versions have a movable stud carrier
  • Some also came with a "Spirotor" regulator with no stud for the balance spring
  • Fixed stud carrier
    • K880: 17 jewels, optional date
    • K880G: 23 jewels, chronometer for Geomatic
    • K880S: 23 jewels, hacking, optional date
  • Movable stud carrier
    • K880G: 23 jewels, optional date, chronometer for Geomatic
    • K881S: 23 jewels, date, hacking
  • Spirotor regulator
    • K882: 17 jewels
    • K883: 17 jewels, date
    • K883G: 23 jewels, date, chronometer for Geomatic
    • K885: 17 jewels, manual wind

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