Minerva 19-42

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Beginning in 1935 and continuing through the 1960's, Minerva produced a special 100 beat stopwatch movement, known as Calibre 42.

Most watches at the time beat at just 18,000 A/h, with the balance oscillating 5 times per second. However, this limits maximum precision of a watch, especially a chronograph or stopwatch used for precision timing.

Minerva was a well-known producer of stopwatches and set out to build one with a precision of 1/100 second. The result was a 19 ligne movement with a balance oscillating at 360,000 A/h, 100 times per second. The resulting stopwatch featured a seconds hand that completed a full sweep of the dial every second, with 1/100 second marks.

This stopwatch became famous featured during the credits on the early seasons of American television show, "60 Minutes".

The company would later repeat this feat with a modern movement for Montblanc.

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