Sinn EZM

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Sinn UX GSG9 SDR Dive watch. Official watch of the maritime department of the German military unit GSG 9
© Sinn
EZM 3 Mission Timer
© Sinn
U2 (EZM5) Dive Watch
© Sinn
Sinn U1000 S (EZM6) Taucherchronograph

German watchmaker Sinn produces Einsatzzeitmesser (EZM) (Mission Timer) models for special purposes.


Sinn introduced the EZM 1, Ref. 503 and EZM 2, Ref. 403 in 1997 for use by the German special police forces. In 2011, the EZM 10, Ref. 950 was the first model to use Sinn's own SZ01 "stop minute" chronograph movement after 8 years development. This watch became the first to be TESTAF certified the following year. The EZM 2B, Ref. 403 UX was supplied to the German "frogman" commandos starting in 2015. The EZM 12, Ref. 112 was awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award in 2019.