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RJ-Romain Jerome is a watch brand established in 2004.


The RJ-Romain Jerome brand (commonly referred to as either "RJ" or "Romain Jerome") was established in 2004 to create watches that celebrate "legends and icons" of contemporary life. The brand is known for watches that evoke references to video games, music, art, cars, and more.

The brand made an initial splash in 2006 with the RJ Titanic-DNA collection which incorporated steel from the famous ocean liner. This was followed by the 2009 RJ Moon-DNA watch which included materials from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and real moon dust. The brand capitalized on the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland in 2010 with a watch that incorporates lava rock and ash from the volcano.

Later pieces have been more metaphorical, starting with the RJ Space Invaders and the RJ Steampunk of 2011. The 2012 RJ Art-DNA features collaborations with contemporary artists.

Most RJ watches feature unique arrow-tipped hands. Other hallmarks include "bumpers" on the case and shaped lugs.