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Short overview

The web encyclopaedia Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands is a comprehensive and widespread knowledge platform about the watch topic, especially high class mechanical wristwatches. It is growing steadily. In the meantime it contains many thousand articles / watch models and many thousand watch images, numerous watch videos and a catalogue of watch movements with movement description and images. It comprehends a lexicon with the scope: technical terms, watch towns, abbreviations, watch fairs, watch museums, events, auctions, awards, companion, organizations and institutions, watch and luxury trusts and holdings, watchmaker schools, biographies and authors, specialist books, specialist periodicals and magazines in the area of haute horlogerie. It offers background reports about the watch history and its most important personalities.

Our credo

This kind of watches deserves an appropriate medium of presentation. In contast to commercial watch presentations (which have their own full justification but nevertheless are and always will be nothing but "advertisment") and in constrast to the numerous confusing data "dumps" of the internet Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands consequently follows a path of picked out, pointed information.

Translation into English

Several articles are still written in German, because the wiki is migrating from a German predecessor. We are continuing the work to translate them into English. Helpers are welcome!

Modalities of a collaboration as wiki author

From the above principles follows directly: Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands is only open for aspirants who wish a solid and reliable membership. In contrast to many other wikis we have the following minimum preconditions:

  1. Entries and changes in the wiki can only be written and worked on by registrered users.
  2. Fundamental requirement for registrations is the specification of the full real name.

(If this is unaccustomed for you, you find a very similar wiki philosophy at the new internet encyclopedia citizendium, which was started as a contrast to wikipedia's anonymity and hidden mobbing structure.)

Registrations can only be undertaken by the main wiki administrator. He inscribes you under your name as a new user. If you like to participate please direct your wish to the address under Impressum. This is also the right contact for all kinds of questions in this context.

Important copyright and license information

  • Texts
    Texts in Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands are under copyright protection. Only a small number of texts which base on sources published under GNU-License or other free licenses are published in Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands under the same license. In these cases the license conditions are at the bottom of the respective page.
  • Images
    The vast majority of the images in Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands are not under a free license, but the complete rights remain with the creator. So without written permission it is not allowed to use the images elsewhere. With images which are under GNU-License the above specifications for texts are applied. Even in this case the Watch Wiki: The Best Watches and Watch Brands:License conditions habe to be respected and any simple copying is strictly prohibited.