Wempe, Hellmut

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Hellmut Wempe is a German jeweler and watch entrepreneur.

Herbert Wempe, managing director of the famous family-owned company Wempe, in 1945 had, to pass the management authority to a trustee for five years. When the eldest son Herbert Jr. did not return from the war, his 13 year old brother Hellmut took over first tasks and 1951 entered officially in the company. Since then he has led the company with foresight and secure business instincts to great success and evolved it into the most renowned German watch house.

His risky decision to expand abroad (establishment of branches, among others, in Paris, London, New York), has proven to be correct. Hellmut Wempe also has revived the watch manufacturing of the Chronometerwerke GmbH, which his father had taken over on 1 January 1938. Under the brand name "Wempe" there are now not only numerous watch stores, but also a watch line belonging to the firm.

Moreover, Hellmut Wempe has also engaged in Glashütte, where in 2005 he rehabilitated the Observatory and established a permanent production site for watches and an independent chronometer certification office.