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 +====== Cartier Santos ======
 +{{wst>image_cr|Cartier|Santos|Historical Cartier Santos}}
 +The **Santos** or **Santos-Dumont** is a wristwatch by [[Cartier]]. Considered to be the first men's wristwatch model, the first [[pilot's watch]], and the first [[sports watch]], it has changed dramatically over time but includes notable elements, including a screwed-on [[bezel]] with flat geometric shapes.
 +===== History =====
 +In [[1904]], Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont was discussing the challenge of using a [[pocket watch]] while operating an airplane with his friend [[Cartier, Louis|Louis Cartier]]. He directed [[Cartier|his company]] to develop wrist-mounted watch, inspired by the novel ladies wristwatches of the time. Using a square pocket watch case, the resulting watch featured a large square dial with a screwed-on [[bezel]] and integrated [[lugs]]. Santos-Dumont wore such a watch when he was photographed flying his airplane in [[1906]], and it caused a sensation.
 +By [[1911]], [[Cartier]] was marketing "the Santos-Dumont watch" in platinum or gold, and the aviation connection made it a success with men who had not previously considered wearing wristwatches. The 25x35 mm rectangular watch used a [[movement]] supplied by [[Jaeger, Edmond|Jaeger]], and the two quickly established a lasting relationship and [[joint venture]]. The Santos is considered the first [[pilot's watch]], but it was much more important than that, establishing wristwatches for men. Production of the initial square Santos-Dumont inspired models ended around World War II, as most countries specified round wristwatches for pilots.
 +[[Audemars Piguet]] shocked the world in [[1972]] with their revolutionary [[Audemars Piguet Royal Oak|Royal Oak]], which featured styling similar to the Santos-Dumont watch. The later [[Patek Philippe Nautilus|Nautilus]], also by designer [[Genta, Gerald|Gerald Genta]] proved that high-end watch buyers would buy such a watch. Cartier redesigned the watch, re-launching the [[Santos de Cartier]] in [[1978]] with an [[integrated bracelet]] and [[stainless steel]] case. The [[two tone]] models of the 1980s were especially in demand, becoming one of the signature watches of the decade.
 +In [[1987]], Cartier re-designed the Santos line again, re-launching it as the [[Cartier Santos Galbée|Santos Galbée]]. It was more contoured than any previous model, with curved lugs and a slimmer body. The line was again refreshed in [[2005]] with an "XL" model added that measured 45x32 mm.
 +===== Present Santos Range =====
 +{{wst>image_cr|Cartier|Santos Medium Steel Gold|200px}}
 +The Santos lineup was refreshed in [[2018]], with a new [[Cartier Santos Chronograph]] launched in [[2019]] at [[SIHH]].
 +^Model^Size/Type ^Movement ^Case ^
 +^Santos-Dumont|Small|quartz|steel, steel/rose gold|
 +^ |Large|quartz|steel, steel/rose gold/gold|
 +^ |[[Cartier Santos-Dumont Extra-large|Extra-large]]|hand-wound|steel, titanium ADLC|
 +^Santos-Dumont Skeleton|Extra-large|hand-wound|white gold|
 +^Santos de Cartier|[[Cartier Santos Medium|Medium]]|automatic|steel, yellow/rose gold, yellow/rose gold/diamonds|
 +^ |[[Cartier Santos Large|Large]]|automatic|steel, steel/ADLC, ADLC (black), yellow/rose gold|
 +^[[Cartier Santos Chronograph|Santos de Cartier Chronograph]]|Extra-large|automatic|steel/ADLC|
 +{{tag>Watch_models Watch_classics Cartier_models}}

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