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Zenith - Swiss watch manufacture

Georges Favre-Jacot founded 1865 in Le Locle die „Fabrique des Billodes“. Er fertigte zunächst Präzisionstaschenuhren, die with seinem Namen signiert waren.

Ab 1903 nahm die Firma Favre-Jacots with pocket watches and Bordchronometern regelmäßig and sehr erfolgreich an den Wettbewerben des Observatoriums Neuenburg teil. 1903 erzielte er einen ersten Preis im Wettbewerb des Observatoriums von Neuenburg. Der Neffe von Favre-Jacot, James Favre, verkaufte die watches nach Nord- and Südamerika, Russland, Indien, China and Japan. 1908 folgte die Gründung einer Niederlassung in Moskau, 1909 in Paris, 1910 in Wien and 1914 in London.

Mit der Umwandlung der Firma in a Aktiengesellschaft im Jahre 1911 entstand die Marke Zenith …

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The Most Important Brands

Lange employees in front of the [[:2001]] re-inaugurated headquarters of „A. Lange & Söhne". The building was built in 1873. (click to enlarge!)
Lange employees in front of the 2001 re-inaugurated headquarters of „A. Lange & Söhne“. The building was built in 1873.

Classical Brands

The young German company [[:Nomos]] in [[:Glashütte]] (click to enlarge!)
The young German company Nomos in Glashütte

Upcoming Brands

  • Blancpain and Chronoswiss
    Rebirth of the mechanical watch at the beginning of the eighties
  • Franck Muller and Parmigiani
    Two watch artists who have created their own brand in the top segment
  • Chopard
    A German family positions their own successful luxury brand
  • Sinn
    With unusual direct marketing straight into the hearts of the watch friends
  • Nomos
    From pioneer after the German 'Wende' to fashion brand and manufacture
  • Fortis
    With distinctive and robust space and pilot's watches to success
  • Xemex and Temption
    Modern creativity creates timeless and clear design
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