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Image: Patek Philippe 28-20 222 Expl

Patek Philippe form movement 28-20/220, the first mechanical movement with a power reserve of more than 10 days worldwide.

The Watch Movement

A movement essentially consists of the following three functional groups

  • The power source supplies the movement with energy, so that it moves.
  • The gear train (transmission) serves for the revolutions increase (1 revolution per hour, per minute) and thus for the force reduction.
  • The escapement restrains the operational sequence of the train.

Further function groups are the winding mechanism, the motion work and the pointer servo unit.

Additional functions Depending on the additional function of the movement or the watch there are more function units integrated. These include

  • A movement with alarm function generates a tone at a previously set time.
  • The carillion announces the time with acoustic signals.
  • The calendar shows different informations depending on the date.
  • The chronograph movement allows the measurement of time intervals.
  • The automatic winding converts the kinetic energy of the wearer of the watch into mechanical energy to drive of the movement.

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