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Watch Wiki: Impressum

Impressum / Contact

Gerd-Lothar Reschke
Stefan-George-Ring 58
D-81929 München
Tel. and E-mail: see Impressum (
USt-IdNr. DE 130114470

Contact only by mail or by e-mail. Unannounced phone calls and unannounced visits are not welcome.

All rights reserved.

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This belongs to no special watch company or some other manufacturer in the watch business, nor is it connected to one. The articles and reports reflect the personal opinion of the autor(s) (see version history of the pages).

All contents of is copyright protected. Please consider that in contrast to many usual wikis — who may have the same outer look because of the use of the system Mediawiki — this wiki is not under a free license.

Only some special contents is published under such license (as, for example, the GNU-License). In this case there is an identification at the bottom of the relating page.

For uploaded media data, especially images, different rights or licenses can be valid; these are accurately specified on the description page of the image. They have to be observed in particular. You find more about this under Watch Wiki About.

Exclusion of liability

For correctness, actuality and completeness of the informations in this wiki and in the articles cannot be granted any warranty. This also holds true for externally linked websites. The raising of claim regarding these informations is debarred.


All shown trademarks and logos are occupied by their owners. The images and other creations published here are protected by the copyright of the respective creator and/or owner. Protected informations, texts and images are published only under the “Fair Use”–clause of the Bern Convention for international copyright.

Advice for holders of rights

The carrier of this website points out on all input pages not to use material which is subject to copyright of third parties. With the large number of publications on electronic or printed devices it cannot be excluded that users introduce material which infringes established copyrights but is not recognized as such. If the carrier is informed about such an infringement he will remove the regarding material at once. Offical person of contact is the person in charge mentioned in the impressum.


Informations about the modalities of a collaboration with can be found under Watch Wiki About.

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