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[[Sinn U1000]] (EZM6) diver's chronograph (click to enlarge!)
Sinn U1000 (EZM6) diver's chronograph
© Sinn

German watch manufacturer

Foundation by Helmut Sinn

The Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1956 by Helmut Sinn. Mainly pilot's watches and chronographs were produced, which could be offered through direct sales at unbeatable prices. In September 1994, Helmut Sinn sold his company to the former IWC staff and engineer Lothar Schmidt. Afterwards Helmut Sinn was owner of the brands Guinand, Chronosport and Jubilar.

Under Lothar Schmidt: New inventions and technologies

Lothar Schmidt\\ © [[Sinn]] (click to enlarge!)
Lothar Schmidt
© Sinn

Lothar Schmidt set new accents by putting new inventions and technologies at the service of the durable and robust watch. Thus, some models are equipped with an argon gas filling, which improves the indoor climate of the case and extends maintenance intervals. Similarly, the dehumidifying technology works by means of a copper sulphate capsule, which absorbes the humidity occurring in the case and signals the saturation level of the capsule by an integrated color display.

Some of the dive watch models with quartz movement are equipped with a silicone oil filling. Thereby the case better withstands the high external pressure acting on the watch at greater depths. In addition, the filling provides a better readability of the dial under water, because it avoids the usual, annoying reflections.

Another, now patented invention of the Sinn research is a completely oil-free Swiss lever escapement. In addition, they developed a special heat-resistant oil that can even accomplish its task at an extreme temperature range between -45 degrees and +80 degrees Celsius. Also in the field of magnetic field protection and scratch resistance of case materials (tegimentation), Sinn offers new solutions.

Sinn manufactures navigation on-board clocks under the brand name Sinn NaBo® and chronographs (SZ01 based on the Valjoux 7750). Another well-known watch range by Sinn includes the EZM series (Einsatzzeitmesser or mission timer) for police, federal border guard, fire brigades and rescue services.

Also there is, matching to the company's headquarters in Frankfurt on Main, the Frankfurt Financial District Watch (Finanzplatzuhr).

Newer models are the Taucherchronograph U1000 (diver's chronograph) with a case in tegimented submarine steel, the expedition watch 900 Hummer (Chronograph) and the Regulateur 6100, which with his technical style is purposely simple and straightforward in contrast to many traditional regulator watches.

Models (selection)

Sinn 956 Klassik (click to enlarge!)
Sinn 956 Klassik
© Sinn

Pilot's / Car driver's / Expedition watches

  • Universal chronograph 256
  • Model railway chronograph 303 M

Sinn 756 Diapal UTC (click to enlarge!)
Sinn 756 Diapal UTC
© Sinn

Dive Watches

Frankfurt Financial District Watches

Classical Models


Sinn scored second place at the election “Best Brand 2007”, organized by the pilot's magazine “aerokurier”.

At the competition “Golden Balance” (Goldene Unruh) (reader's choice of magazine “Focus” and Uhrenmagazin) Sinn received the following awards

  • 2001 model 6000, 2nd place (category C up to 5000 DM)
  • 2002 model 356 Jubi, 3rd place (category B up to 1000 €)
  • 2005 model 956 Classic, 2nd place (category B up to 5000 €)
  • 2006 model 6000 Jubi, 1st place (category C up to 10,000 €), model 956 Klassik, 2nd place (category B up to 5000 €)
  • 2008 model 6100 Regulateur, 1st place (category C up to 10,000,- €), model 757 UTC, 3rd place (category B up to 5000,- €), model 2300, 3rd place (category D up to 25,000,- €)

The case manufacturer SUG

The Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH & Co KG contributed significantly to the foundation and establishment phase of the Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH Glashütte (SUG) (Saxon watches technology) by the allocation of commissioned production of cases. In addition, there is a lively and fertile, close technology transfer between the two prosperous companies in Frankfurt and Glashütte.

The Sinn Catalogue book

Sinn generously offers to any interested watch friend the opportunity to send the current catalog for free. Unlike other catalogs available on the watch market, this one is a real, comprehensive hardcover book that is not also written in the usual style of self-commendations, but - committed to the restrained and modest, no-nonsense style of the company owner Lothar Schmidt - has to offer a wealth of interesting information and in part reads like a textbook. To anyone who is interested in mechanical watches at all, the reading of this book is strongly recommended.

The Sinn Sales Partners

In addition to direct sales, where you get the watches ordered directly from Sinn by post and to your view, in recent years there has been built an increasingly dense network of so-called “deposits”. These are watch shops that have a part of the total supply of Sinn watches in stock. Of course, for the interested watch enthusiast, if he is nearby, this is the best way to get oriented on the spot.


Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH
Wilhelm-Fay-Straße 21

65936 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49 (0)69 97 84 14-0
Fax +49 (0)69 97 84 14-201

  • Sinn (company homepage)


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