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Sinn 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Watch

Sinn 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Watch (click to enlarge!)
Sinn 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Watch
© Sinn

The Frankfurt Financial District Watch is an automatic chronograph from Sinn produced since 1999 and is the first model in the Sinn Frankfurt Financial District line.


In 1999, Sinn added a model to celebrate the company's home city of Frankfurt and to appeal to the business and finance professionals there. The Frankfurt Financial District Watch was designed to reflect the sensibilities of the German businessman, with clean utilitarian lines, a restrained black dial, and stainless steel case. And, reflecting the international appeal of Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Financial District Watch was designed to show the time in multiple timezones. The company suggested that it could keep track of the time in New York and Tokyo, two other major stock exchanges, while showing the local time in Frankfurt.

The watch uses a Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement modified to add an independently adjustable hand for a second timezone. The third timezone is read using the internal rotating bezel. Both of these use a 12-hour scale rather than the 24-hour scale used on many other GMT watches.

At launch, the Ref. 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Watch was part of the Sinn Classic line, along with other dress watches like the Sinn 6015, Sinn 6026, and Sinn 6100. It was not until April 2007 that the Frankfurt Financial District line was officially separated into its own line.

The original Model 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Watch used a 38.5 mm case, which was large for the time but seemed increasingly diminutive 10 years later. Yet this original model remains in production as of 2019, making it one of Sinn's longest-running models. In 2014, Sinn launched a larger version, Model 6099, with a 41.5 mm case. That model differs mainly in using a Sellita SW 500 ebauche, a D3 crown in addition to the pushers, and being .5 mm thinner.

In addition to the classic stainless steel model, Sinn also produced versions in white gold, rose gold, and platinum. The first such model was the 2001 “6000 Jubiläumsuhr” (“Anniversary Watch”), which celebrated the company's 40th anniversary. It featured a white gold and palladium case and anthracite dial as well as the company's proprietary DIAPAL lubricant-free diamond jewels on the anchor pallets. The rotor features the usual engraving of the Frankfurt skyline as well as the anniversary dates, “1961 - 2001”. This was a limited edition of just 40 pieces. The 6000 Jubiläumsuhr received the prestigious Goldene Unruh award in 2006 (after the model was sold out) in recognition of this DIAPAL escapement material.

In November 2007, Sinn released a rose gold version of the Model 6000 as celebration for the Goldene Unruh award. This new version was not a limited edition and remains for sale to the present day. It uses a Valjoux 7752 F movement and has a 16.5 mm thick case. In September, 2009, Sinn launched the “6000 Platin Jubiläum II” (“Platinum Anniversary II”) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the model. Just 10 examples of these platinum watches were produced.

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  • 2 wristbands calf leather strap and solid metal bracelet


  • Wooden case with watchband replacement tool kit, spare spring bars, Eschenbach watchmaker's loupe, cleaning cloth and Frankfurt Finance District booklet


  • 2 years



  • 2.390,- EUR (2/2008)



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