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Sinn 142 St II

Sinn 142 St II

The 142 St II is a space chronograph by Sinn produced until 2012.


This chronograph is one of the model classics of Sinn as first automatic chronograph it was worn in space by the German physicist and astronaut Dr. Reinhard Furrer during the D1 mission in 1985 and refuted impressively the claim that watches with automatic movement may not work in zero gravity.

To the 20th anniversary of this flight Sinn in 2005 launched a special edition with titanium case, limited to 500 pieces.

The “GZ” model features a tide calculator on the inner rotating bezel.


  • 142 St (-2004)
  • 142 St II (2006-2012)
  • 142 St II GZ (2010-2012)
  • 142 St S (-2004)
  • 142 Ti (-2004)
  • 142 Ti D1 (2005-2005)
  • 142 Ti GZ (-2000)




  • Black
  • Hands and indexes coated with highest luminosity


  • Central minutes stop indication
  • Small hands date at 12 o'clock
  • 24 hours indication at 9 o'clock


  • Optional with massive bead-blasted stainless steel bracelet or with cowhide leather strap


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