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Expedition watch

Sinn 900 Hummer, limited collector's edition of the [[Sinn 900|Model 900]] (click to enlarge!)
Sinn 900 Hummer, limited collector's edition of the Model 900

Watch type

Attributes of expedition watches

Under the umbrella term “expedition watches” can be summarized watches, which are particularly resistant to adverse external conditions such as extreme cold or heat, dirt or shocks and natural moisture, and which, on the other hand, offer additional special functions.

Breitling "Emergency" with emergency transmitter (click to enlarge!)
Breitling “Emergency” with emergency transmitter
© Breitling

Only skillfully produced facade - or real value?

Interested buyers and watch connoisseurs who are inspired for the flair of expedition watches (“freedom and adventure”), should however take care not to get fooled by models of manufacturers who try to catch customers with only a superficial appearance of robustness. In the lower quality (and price) segments, often provided with inexpensive quartz movements, these watches often don't comply with their outer facade, when it really gets tough. If in doubt, you should orient yourself on empiric reports (which can be found abundantly and easily in the internet) and test reports of good specialist journals about watches.

Specialized manufacturers

In recent years the manufacturer Sinn has, by ever-new efforts, built stable, reliable and robust watches, and so acquired special merits in this area. The same is valid for another German manufacturer, the watch brand Damasko near Regensburg.

Breitling Emergency Mission (click to enlarge!)
Breitling Emergency Mission
© Breitling

A selection of typical models

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