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Reschke, Gerd-Lothar

Gerd-Lothar Reschke, Author (Munich, Germany) (click to enlarge!)
Gerd-Lothar Reschke, Author (Munich, Germany)

Gerd-Lothar Reschke

Author and journalist

Gerd-Lothar Reschke, born 1953, is the publisher and editor of the internet watch magazine ZEITGEFÜHL, which has been on the Web since around 1996 and is known as a pioneer of watch sites on the internet. He lives and works in Munich.

2005, after extensive research and contacts with all major watch manufacturers he published the ZEITGEFÜHL-Uhrenbuch - Discover the secret behind high-quality mechanical watches. The book traces the reason for why the classical mechanical watch with its traditional handicraft could maintain its ground in the modern age of chip technology and mass-cheap products. Behind that there is another basic theme of the book, namely that these watches can be used as a vehicle for value creation.

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F. P. Journe Octa Calendrier (click to enlarge!)
F. P. Journe Octa Calendrier
© F. P. Journe

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