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Hublot Big Bang „Bullet Bang“

Hublot Big Bang Bullet Bang
© Hublot

Big Bang “Bullet Bang” is a chronograph by Hublot.


Unusual version of the already unusual Chronograph Big Bang, in a limited edition of 500 pieces. For the first time the totally radiation-free material cermet is used as case material. Its name is a contraction of ceramic and metal. This is a newly developed, extra-hard composite of ceramic and metals such as tungsten or bronze. Cermet is used e.g. for cutting and milling tools, or, as the name of the watch suggests, in bullet jackets.

As in other cases (rubber, kevlar, tantalum) Hublot applies this material for the first time in the watch sector and thus achieves a strikingly different appearance of the watch. Another welcome feature is, as with tungsten, also first used by Hublot as housing material, the extreme resistance to scratching or deformation.






  • Adjustable soft black rubber, clasp in PVD steel, black

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