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Profile of the [[Hublot Big Bang|Hublot Big Bang Chronograph]],\\ case with Kevlar® inset (click to enlarge!)
Profile of the Hublot Big Bang Chronograph,
case with Kevlar® inset
© Hublot

Kevlar® is an extremely resistant synthetic fiber.

In 1965 the researcher Stephanie Kwolek made an interesting discovery in the Research Department of Du Pont para-aminobenzoic acid could be polymerized under certain conditions, which resulted in a stiff-chain polymer. This polymer could be spun into a fiber that was more stable than any synthetic fibers, which were known so far. So far so good. But it took several decades until it was possible to produce the material also in industry. Eventually it was possible to use this new plastic to produce products in which good properties of stiffness, strength and impact strength were required eg in protective motorcycle clothing and hockey helmets, snowboards or electric guitars. Ropes and cables made of Kevlar® have such a high tensile strength that they have proven themselves at the anchorage of large offshore oil drilling platforms. Indicative of the stability of the fiber It is also ideal for bulletproof vests.

In addition, Kevlar® is extremely heat and cold resistant. Thus, the fiber up to 180°C retains almost all the properties that it has at room temperature. And at low temperatures down to -196°C, it shows no significant embrittlement and thus no loss of strength. The material is extremely resistant against streching and largely immune to chemicals and solvents. In short, the discovery of Kevlar® is generally regarded as the greatest invention in the field of synthetic fiber since the development of nylon.

At the Hublot Big Bang Chronograph it is the material Kevlar®, which ensures the impression that the rubber strap flows straight and uninterrupted through the watch case.

KEVLAR® is reg. trademark of DuPont.

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