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Rainer Brand

Rainer Brand, founder and owner of the watch manufacturer Rainer Brand (click to enlarge!)
Rainer Brand, founder and owner of the watch manufacturer Rainer Brand

Rainer Brand Kerala (click to enlarge!)
Rainer Brand Kerala

Rainer Brand is a German watch manufacturer.

An independant watchmaker

Rainer Brand, founder and owner of the watch manufacturer Rainer Brand, was born in August 1962. Like his ancestors, namely his father and grandfather, he was an independent-minded, very self-reliant spirit, who had always known that he would do something quite unique and creative. So he got the idea to engage in the watch industry, not by imitation of a professional career of his ancestors, but as an voluntary vocation. First by starting a training in the goldsmith's craft, and then by taking a parallel course at the Watchmaking School Pforzheim. There he finally discovered his love for the delicate art of watchmaking. The apprenticeship lasted from 1977 to 1980, the master course at the Masters School in Schwenningen from 1989 to 1990.

In between and after that he worked purposefully for jewelers, watch restorers and watch companies. For example he worked at at the renowned manufacturer Chronoswiss in Munich. In 1992 he finally dared to step into independence. With the Havana, his first own watch creation, he began building his own collection and thus the history of the brand Rainer Brand.

Rainer Brand gave the brand not only a name, but also the identity of a living personality. The watch collection typifies the attitude and mindset of its creator and captivates with its quited and clear style.

The motto of Rainer Brand reads “Style is the product of quality and consciousness.”


Rainer Brand Yoho Chronograph RB 20 SA (click to enlarge!)
Rainer Brand Yoho Chronograph RB 20 SA
© Rainer Brand



Rainer Brand
Production of high-quality mechanical watches
Friedenstraße 9
D-63872 Heimbuchenthal

Tel. +49 6092 5372
Fax +49 6092 6903

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