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Rainer Brand Kerala Sport E

Rainer Brand Kerala Sport E (click to enlarge!)
Rainer Brand Kerala Sport E

Rainer Brand Kerala Sport E Chronometer (click to enlarge!)
Rainer Brand Kerala Sport E Chronometer

Kerala Sport E is a sports version of the mechanical chronograph Kerala by Rainer Brand, launched in a special edition.

Rainer Brand - that has always been the brand for the silent watch connoisseurs and watch gourmets, but also for the experts and connoisseurs of life and all that is good and estimable. The chronograph Kerala with its distinctive and sporty appearance already walked on the verge of passion, although it was reluctant to go beyond. This is reserved for the new special model, the Kerala Sport E Chronograph by Rainer Brand, and so something like a small revolution happened after about fifteen years of “elegant restraint”. Maybe it was now just the time. Not a time to leave the consistent philosophy, but a time to set an accent. And so the watch combines all previous qualities of this German brand from the Spessart with an elegant sportiness and sophistication, as one had been accustomed rather from Swiss lands.

The watch was developed in collaboration with Eibach Vehicles (chassis supplier for all major sports car manufacturers, and also for the formula 1). Consistent with the current project car Aston Martin V8 HP400+, Rainer Brand designed the concept of a Kerala with carbon-structure dial. The original idea was born by Ralph H. Eibach. The junior manager of the world-renowned spring manufacturer from Finnentrop, himself a passionate lover of mechanical watches, asked for a time companion by Rainer Brand, who, as a match for his vehicle technology division, should come up with a dynamic note and wow factor.

Since the fascination of technology and design combined both entrepreneurs immediately, they met to exchange ideas. Eibach shows continuously with his project vehicles, which opportunities for modification exist. So why not transmit this approach to mechanical watches and be inspired?

However, the dial consists not only of fiber-reinforced plastic (carbon material), as it is used in the automotive industry. Carbon would not have allowed the recess (lowering) eg. for the totalisers. Therefore, Rainer Brand decided to choose genuine silver, which obtains the structure only by embossing and can then be processed accordingly.

The watch appeared as exclusive special edition and was available from November 2007. The per year capacity amounts to 25 pieces with bright dial and 25 pieces with black dial (this version has a COSC chronometer certificate).




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