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Pocket watch

Portable, smaller watch (French Montre)

The development of pocket watches became possible only after the early 15th century, when the spring drive was invented. The shape of the pocket watch evolved from the early can watches. The pocket watches at the time of their invention were round, made ​​of iron and about 2 cm high and 6 cm in diameter.

  • 1550 emerged the so-called egg watches (oval shape)
  • 1575 saw the first pocket watches with alarm function

Initially, the pocket watches are often worn concealed (in the pocket).

In the 18th century ​​pocket watches were often trinkets that were representatively worn open at the belt (Châtelaine).

  • About 1700 the watches had also minutes hands
  • Since 1708 embossed cases were used
  • About 1720 the first jewels were made
  • 1726 the cylinder gear was invented
  • 1740 emerged 4-colored gold cases

In the 19th and early 20th century the pocket watches were usually kept in the pocket. They were often equipped with alarm function, repetitions, chronographs, date indications, musical mechanisms and automats.

  • From 1800 the cylinder escapement displaced more and more the until then prevalent verge escapement.
  • From 1842, with the invention of the keyless winding (crown winding) the winding of the pocket watch was no longer performed with a loosely attached key, but by means of the crown.

A distinction is made ​​between open (Lépine) and closed (Savonnette) pocket watch type.


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