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A Lépine pocket watch is one with the winding crown on the same axis as the subdial seconds display., so at 12 o'clock.

A typical Lépine pocket watch has the crown at 12 00 and the subdial seconds at 6 00. This is in contrast to a Savonnette or hunter style which has the crown at 3 00 and the subdial seconds at 6 00. Lépine pocket watches usually have no cover over the dial, unlike hunter watches. Therefore, this term is sometimes also used as a term for the open pocket watch type as opposed to the closed.

Since wrist watches typically place the crown at 3 00, those that use pocket watch movements like the ETA 6497 or ETA 6498 have the subdial seconds at 9 00 or 6 00, respectively.

The Lépine movement is named after the French watchmaker Jean-Antoine Lépine.

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