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A Savonnette or hunter pocket watch has a spring lid. It typically also has the crown placed at 3 00 and the seconds subdial at 6 00.

To protect the glass dial, a metal cover was attached, which springs open at the touch of a button. In contrast to the open (Lépine) pocket watch, the crown is moved to 3 00 from 12 00, allowing the watch to be held in the right hand, with the thumb pushing the crown to spring open the cover.

“Savonner” is soaping, and “savonnette” means bathroom soap. Therefore, the “Savonette” name comes from the sleek look of the closed case, which resembles a bar of soap.

Since wrist watches typically place the crown at 3 00, Hunter-style movements are more popular than Lépine in wrist watches, since they place the running seconds subdial at 6 00, the bottom of the face.

The metal cover of the Hunter-style watch has become an interesting case decoration in modern times.

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