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Code41 X41 Edition 6

Code41 X41 Edition 6 Sapphire Green (click to enlarge!)
Code41 X41 Edition 6 Sapphire Green
© Code41

Code41 X41 Edition 6 Titanium Rainbow (click to enlarge!)
Code41 X41 Edition 6 Titanium Rainbow
© Code41

Code41 X41 Edition 6 AeroCarbon Black (click to enlarge!)
Code41 X41 Edition 6 AeroCarbon Black
© Code41

X41 Edition 6 is a wristwatch by Code41.

Modern looking watches with sophisticated design and technique, offering a wide range of variations. The appearance of these models has been influenced by votes of the Code41 community.

The X41 is available in three exceptional materials:

  • Sapphire. The X41's sapphire case represents a technical challenge of the highest order. It is very complex and takes longer to work than any other material in watchmaking, at each stage of its production: machining, polishing, drilling, up to and including assembly. It's very costly to produce: 3,600 CHF compared to 160 CHF for a titanium case; in other words, 22 times more expensive.
  • AeroCarbon. The AeroCarbon's case is made from a high-density carbon fiber used in aeronautics. Produced on demand in France, the blocks are made up of over 300 layers, each positioned at 90° to the previous and compacted under 10 bars of pressure in an autoclave oven.
  • Grade 5 titanium. Titanium offers the comfortable advantage of being around two times lighter than steel. For this new edition, grade 5 titanium was chosen instead of the grade 2 previously used. It is more expensive, but it is more resistant to scratches and offers finer detail in the finishing.

Each model is offered with a wide range of interchangeable straps.




  • Openworked
  • With luminous numerals and hands


  • Hours, minutes, central seconds
  • Large date



  • From 5,393 CHF (titanium edition) to 14,793 CHF (sapphire edition) (2022)
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