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 +====== Cartier Tank ======
 +{{wst>image_cr|Cartier|Tank Louis Cartier|Tank Louis Cartier}}
 +**Tank** is a legendary wristwatch first created [[1917]] in the [[Art Déco]] style by [[Louis Cartier]]. The then groundbreaking design (common watches at the time were consistently round) was inspired by the silhouette of a bird's-eye view of a tank and features parallel vertical side bars. Most of the models, especially the classic ones, have 12 very distinctive Roman numerals and a rectangular [[chemin de fer]]-[[minuterie]]. Other features: [[Blued]] hands; polygon crown decorated with faceted [[sapphire]]-[[cabochon]].
 +  * Tank Must
 +  * Tank Louis Cartier
 +  * Tank Française
 +  * Tank Américaine
 +    * [[Cartier Tank Américaine Tourbillon Volant|Tank Américaine Tourbillon Volant]]
 +  * Tank Cintrée
 +  * Tank MC
 +  * Tank Asymétrique
 +{{tag>Watch_models Watch_classics Cartier_models}}
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