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 +====== Circula ======
 +**Circula** is a German watch brand.
 +As early as [[1926]], the Huber family had been running the Huber & Co. watch and jewelry wholesale business in the watchmaking town of [[Pforzheim]]. Heinz Huber decided in [[1955]] to found his own watch brand, Circula. The name is derived from the circulation of the balance wheel in the mechanical movement. During the [[quartz crisis]] of the 1970s, the company switched to quartz watches. 
 +[[2017]] the grandson of the founder, Cornelius Huber, took over the management of the company and changed the business model to direct sales via online ship. 
 +With the support of his father Klaus-Dieter Huber, Cornelius Huber initiated a return to mechanical movements in 2019, through which all Circula models are now powered.
 +===== Address =====
 +Circula watches\\ Poststr. 38\\ D-75210 Keltern\\ E-mail:
 +===== Web links =====
 +  * [[|Circula Watches Pforzheim]] (official website)
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