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Enamel coating

Chronoswiss Orea with enameled dial
© Chronoswiss

Enamel coating is an elaborate technique of dial coating with enamel.

This processing was revived by Gerd-Rüdiger Lang (Chronoswiss) with his wristwatch model Orea. According to this costly method, cultivated since 1635, a bright white glaze is produced by firing in the kiln at a very high heat. This leads to a particularly bright glowing dial.

With this traditional method also other colors can be generated, for example, a particularly rich and deep blue, green or red.

"Grand Feu"

“Grand Feu” is a traditional, elaborate technique of dial enameling that dates back to the 17th century. Here, the basis of the dial is a copper sheet, which is enameled on both sides. The name of the process comes from the extreme heat of up to 900°C required to melt the enamel powder in the kiln.

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