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 +====== Fleurier Watch Co. ======
 +**Fleurier Watch Co.** is a watch and movement manufacturer founded in [[1858]] in [[Fleurier]], [[Switzerland]] joining [[ASUAG]] in [[1932]], and resurrected by [[Arcadia]] in [[2011]].
 +===== History =====
 +The town of [[Fleurier]] has a long history of watchmaking, remaining a center of production today with [[Parmigiani]] and [[Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier]]. Components that would become part of the eponymous **Fleurier Watch Co.** date to [[1858]]. The company itself was created in [[1915]] and incorporated many local brands over the next half century, including the original [[Arcadia]]. The company was brought into [[ASUAG]] in [[1932]], with movement manufacturing portion, **Fabrique d'ébauches de Fleurier**, becoming part of [[Ebauches SA]].
 +The company and its brands gradually disappeared over the next few decades, even as Ebauches SA grew to become part of [[ETA]] in today's [[Swatch Group]]. The movement manufacturing component of the business was sold to [[Chopard]] in [[1996]], with their historic building following in [[2000]]. Today, the former Fleurier movement works are a core component of [[Chopard calibres|Chopard's //manufacture// capability]].
 +Arcadia was re-established in [[2010]] by [[Claude Sanz]]. Now located in [[Geneva]], Arcadia acquired the Fleurier Watch Co. name as well in [[2011]] with plans to return to Fleurier for production.
 +{{tag>Watch_manufacturers_Switzerland ASUAG Ebauches_SA Fleurier}}

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