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 +====== Movado-Zenith-Mondia ======
 +{{wst>author|[[Foskett, Stephen|Stephen Foskett]] ([[|Grail Watch]])}}
 +**Movado-Zenith-Mondia Holding Horloger SA** was a federation of Swiss watch manufacturers active in the 1960s and 1970s.
 +===== History =====
 +Movado-Zenith was founded by [[1969]] in [[La Chaux-de-Fonds]]. They purchased [[Mondia]] later that year, becoming Movado-Zenith-Mondia. This gave the group access to high-end watch movements like the [[Zenith El Primero]], excellent brand presence in the United States thanks to [[Movado]], and a mass-market brand in [[Mondia]]. But the [[quartz crisis]] caused trouble for this plan.
 +In June [[1972]], Zenith Radio Corp. of the United States purchased the company. It had not been previously associated with Zenith watches, but the names had caused confusion. The company refocused on quartz watches, with all mechanical movements discontinued and discarded. This proved foolish, as the Japanese competition forced higher-priced brands like Zenith out of the market.
 +The group was purchased by a consortium of Swiss businessmen in [[1978]]. This was lead by Paul Castella, who owned the [[Dixi]] machine tool company. Zenith and Movado merged into Zenith Movado Le Locle SA and Mondia integrated into Dixi. The purchase restricted the use of the Zenith name in the North American market, so for a time they were marketed using the Movado name.
 +Movado was divested to [[North American Watch Company]] in [[1983]]. Zenith took over the existing Dixi factory and was rebuilt over the next decade. One driver for this was the successful use of the [[Zenith El Primero|El Primero]] movement by [[Ebel]] and [[Rolex]].
 +Dixi operated Zenith and Mondia through the 1990s. [[Zenith]] was sold to [[LVMH]] in [[1999]], where it resides today. The other brands are defunct.
 +===== Membership =====
 +  * [[Orbit|Orbit SA]], [[Bienne]]
 +  * [[Homberger|Fulton G Homberger Watch Co.]], [[Bienne]]
 +  * [[Lavina|Lavina SA]], [[Villeret]]
 +  * [[Milex Elem|Milex Elem SA]], [[Bienne]]
 +  * [[Mondia]], [[La Chaux-de-Fonds]] (joined [[1969]])
 +  * [[Movado]]
 +  * [[Achille Nicolet|Achille Nicolet SA]], [[Tramelan]]
 +  * [[Péry|Péry Watch & Montres Sigma]], [[Bienne]]
 +  * [[Vinca|Vinca SA]], [[Bienne]]
 +  * [[Zenith]]
 +{{tag>Movado-Zenith-Mondia La_Chaux-de-Fonds Defunct_watch_and_luxury_trusts}}
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