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 +====== Nivarox ======
 +**Nivarox** is an alloy of [[iron]], [[nickel]], [[chromium]], [[titanium]] and [[beryllium]] used for [[balance spring]]s. Nivarox springs are distinguished by their good [[anti-magnetic]] and temperature compensation features. The name is taken from the German properties of the alloy, "**ni**cht **var**iabel **ox**ydfest" ("non-variable, non-oxidizing").
 +===== History =====
 +Nivarox was developed by [[Straumann, Reinhard|Reinhard Straumann]] of [[Waldenburg]] in Northwest Switzerland. Although he was technical director of [[Revue Thommen|Thommens Uhrenfabrik]] at the time, Straumann developed the compound in his personal laboratory in his spare time. In [[1931]], he collaborated with the German materials firm [[Heraeus]] to create a new hairspring material that would not change in elasticity due to changes in ambient temperature. The resulting material, an alloy of nickel, iron, and other metals, was particularly valuable in the production of hairsprings and balance wheels. Named Nivarox, it was resistant to fracture, corrosion, and magnetism and was perfected in [[1933]] and patented in [[1935]].
 +Straumann left Thommen in [[1934]] and founded [[Nivarox SA]] in [[Saint-Imier]] that year. The company would merge with [[Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies|Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunies (FAR)]] of [[Le Locle]] in [[1984]] and remains one of the most valuable components of the [[Swatch Group]].
 +Straumann became director of [[Tschudin + Heid|Tschudin + Heid AG]], a watch component producer in Waldenburg, and continued working to create new materials in a laboratory there. He patented a new [[mainspring]] material, [[Nivaflex]], in [[1948]] and founded another company in [[Saint-Imier]] to develop this material, [[Nivaflex SA]], in [[1948]].
 +Straumann's Waldenburg research laboratory became **Institute Dr. Ing. Reinhard Straumann** in [[1954]], with research continuing on new materials. The institute focused on areas of interest to Straumann, chiefly ski flying, watch materials, and test equipment. The company would be renamed **Straumann AG** in [[1990]] and would focus on development of dental implants. Straumann's grandson founded [[Precision Engineering AG]] in [[2001]] to continue oversight of the Nivarox alloy, and his company merged with [[H. Moser & Cie.]] under [[MELB Holding]] in [[2012]].
 +===== Nivarox-FAR =====
 +**Nivarox-FAR** is the name of the manufacturer of the corresponding [[balance spring]]s and [[assortment]]s. It is part of [[Swatch Group]].
 +===== Other Producers =====
 +Although Nivarox-FAR produces most balance springs used in Swiss and other European watches, a few companies produce their own springs using similar alloys. [[Rolex]], [[Parmigiani]], [[Precision Engineering AG]], [[F. P. Journe]], and [[A. Lange & Söhne]] all have the capability to produce their own Nivarox springs. Thanks to their [[Richemont]] connection with Lange, [[Jaeger-LeCoultre]] also produces springs from Lange material.
 +Seiko uses their own [[SPRON]] alloy for in-house spring production.
 +===== External links =====
 +  * [[|Springing Surprises]]
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