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 +====== Peseux ======
 +**Fabrique d'ebauches de Peseux, S.A.**, commonly known as **Peseux** for the [[Neuchâtel]] locale in which it is located, was an [[ebauche]] maker dating at least to [[1923]]. The company was incorporated by Charles Berner, a newcomer to town from Val-de-Travers whose father was director of the Technicum in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The factory had existed prior to Berner's arrival as part of other firms.
 +Charles Berner-Sandoz' company became a partner of [[Ebauches S.A.]] in [[1928]] and was absorbed into the holding company in [[1932]] as part of the overall industry restructuring at that time. It remained independent within Ebauches, however, producing [[calibre]]s for many watchmakers. Charles Berner managed the company and was a director of Ebauches SA until falling on poor health in [[1949]] and his death on January 8, [[1951]].
 +Peseux was consolidated into the larger [[ETA]] conglomerate in [[1985]], with ebauche production moved to [[Grenchen]].
 +One of the best-known Peseux calibres was the hand-winding [[chronometer]] movement, [[Peseux 260]]. It was used by many high-end brands and was quite capable at chronometry competitions. Another well-known product is [[ETA 7001|Calibre 7001]], an ultra-thin hand-wound movement introduced in [[1971]] and still produced today.
 +{{tag>Movement_manufacturers Movement_manufacturers_Switzerland Swatch_Group Grenchen Peseux Neuchâtel Ebauches_SA}}
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