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Seeberger, Hans-Jörg

Hans-Jörg Seeberger was a German businessman.

Hans-Jörg Seeberger has been one of the most impressive German entrepreneurs in recent years. He was born in 1943 as the son of a police officer and a bakery entrepreneur in Hesse. He became an excellent judo and karate athlete, even the member of the German National Karate team. 1965, he moved to Japan, where he perfected his craft. He earned his living as a German teacher, model (he posed on ads for Honda motorcycles) and occasional actor. A sudden injury forced him to give up his favorite sport.

Seeberger began his commercial activities in the watch and luxury industry as leather buyer for the shoe producer Salamander and as an asian representative of Dugena. When the famous watch company in 1982 stood before the bankruptcy, Seeberger came to Darmstadt, took over the management, merged Dugena with Zentra and bought the company four years later.

This was followed by the acquisition of numerous other well-known brands that were now fallen into turmoil, including such important traditional companies like the watch manufacturers Junghans and Dugena or the renowned shoe brand Salamander, also numerous brands of fashion and lifestyle industry such as Goldpfeil, Joop, Esprit, Pierre Cardin, Cerruti or Sioux.

After having built a huge business empire in Asia with the EganaGoldpfeil holding, Seeberger died suddenly on October 19, 2007 at his home in Mallorca from the effects of cancer.

Only a short time after Seeberger had retired for health reasons, the Egana holding came into trouble and the trade with the shares of the company were suspended on 30 July 2007.

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