AR 1140

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Calibre 1140 was one of a family of manual and automatic winding watch movements from Enicar in the 1960's.

The 1140 family was a modern movement for the time, featuring Incabloc shock protection and fully jeweled. The automatic members have extra jewels on the minute wheel and automatic transmission wheel, bringing the total count to 24.

The day-and-date variants have separate pawls to set each function: The date engages at 20:00 while day change engages at 21:00. Both switch at 24:00. In this way, the day can be changed independently of the date by turning the hour hand back past 21:00 but not all the way to 20:00. The 24 hour variant has a center-mounted 24-hour hand.


All members of the family operate at 18,000 A/h and are 11.75 ligne, with an outer diameter of 26.8 mm.

Movement Winding Features Jewels Height
AR 1140 manual 17 3.95 mm
AR 1141 date
AR 1143 day, date 4.65 mm
AR 1144 automatic 24 5.3 mm
AR 1145 date
AR 1146 24 hour, date
AR 1147 day, date 6.0 mm

The automatic movements came in some variations:

  • B: Two intermediate wheels on the manual winding gear
  • C: Unknown difference
  • D: Improved automatic gear