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Meccaniche Veloci
Meccaniche Veloci Quattrovalvole Tourbillon
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Meccaniche Veloci is an originally Italian watch manufacturer with production facility in Geneva.

Meccaniche Veloci was founded in 2006 by Italian watch designer Marco Colombo. The brand was acquired in 2015 by Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Cesare Cerrito, who quickly set about restoring its distinctiveness and moved it to the heart of the Swiss watch industry in Plan-les-Ouates, in Geneva. The new owner set about developing an in-house mechanical movement to replace the four independent ETA calibres.

The collection is immediately recognizable in the case design that is used throughout the collection, which is based on the pistons found inside every internal combustion engine. With this unique case design, which was perfectly round without any lugs, came a dial that was equally distinctive, since it had four individual subdials.

As a company that openly flaunts its Italian design and inspiration, Meccaniche Veloci also attaches a great importance to the origin of all components in its timepieces. Every owner receives a “watch passport” with their watch, signed by Cesare Cerrito, that attests that every single component in the watch – whether it’s the case, the movement, the dial, hands or strap – is of Swiss origin.


Meccaniche Veloci SA
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