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Clock and Watch Museum Beyer Zurich

Since about 250 years the long-established Zurcher family Beyer trades in timepieces and has thus the oldest shop for jewelry and watches in Switzerland. In 1970 the family opened the Clock and Watch Museum Beyer in the basement of their business at the Zurich Bahnhofstrasse and thus presented their private collection of watches, according to connoisseurs one of the most important and superior ones in the world, to the public.

The exhibited timepieces cover a time period between 1400 and today. The most precious watch is for sure the Pendule sympathique of Abraham-Louis Breguet. Especially noteworthy are the Renaissance automatic watches from southern Germany.


Clock and Watch Museum Beyer Zurich / Uhrenmuseum Beyer Zürich
Bahnhofstrasse 31
CH-8001 Zürich

Phone: ++41 43 344 63 23 (Mo-Fr 14-18)
Telefax: ++41 43 344 63 64

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 14-18 h

Entry fees

  • Admission to the Museum is CHF 5.–
  • Children under 12 are admitted free of charge
  • Reduced fee for school classes


Guidances possible by arrangement


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