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Doppelgänger NGC-42 (click to enlarge!)
Doppelgänger NGC-42
© Doppelgänger

Doppelgänger is an Austrian watch manufacturer. The watches are produced and assembled in Switzerland.

Young watch brand based in Salzburg. Manager is Stefan Kieninger, technical watch design comes from Gerold Rubenbauer, and the new time display concept comes from Heinz Fladl.

The first model is the NGC-42: the dual orbital indicators show the hours and minutes on a non-linear scale. Controlled by a flying tourbillon and a random pulse control, the double orbital indicators move like celestial bodies, orbiting a central dial unit in a three-dimensional ecliptic.

NGC-42 takes its name from the New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars (NGC), which originated in the 1880s, is based largely on Wilhelm Herschel's observations of the heavens, and remains the standard work today. It represents the idea of uniting past, present and future.

Engineering of the NGC-42 is done at UhrTeil AG in Sirnach in the Swiss canton of Thurgau, where the NGC-42 is also manufactured. UhrTeil AG is the engineering office and workshop of Andreas Strehler, where complicated watches are designed and components, complications and complete movements are manufactured near Lake Constance.


Doppelganger GmbH
Aglassinger Street 7\ AU-5023 Salzburg

Tel.: +43699 81 86 6039

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