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Eza Watches

Eza 1972 Diver (click to enlarge!)
Eza 1972 Diver
© Eza

EZA Watches is a German watch brand headquartered in Switzerland.

The watch company Hermann Becker

The founder of the brand was the German Hermann Becker. The latter founded 1921 his own company, Hermann Becker GmbH, in Pforzheim, the German watch rown. He produced watch cases, dials and parts of mechanical movements (ebauches). In 1951, Hermann Becker died in a car accident. His widow took over the management of the company. In 1958, the first manufacture movement was introduced.

Many parts of Eza watches (mainly mechanical movements) from this period were manufactured in Hermann Becker's factory. In 1979 the Hermann Becker company ceased its operations. At that time 48 people were employed in the company.

Re-establishment by Adriaan Trampe

After an absence of 37 years, the brand 2016 was revived out of a desire to produce vintage-look watches in a modern way. Today, the brand is led by a young watchmaker and entrepreneur, Adriaan Trampe. The latter had undergone watchmaking training in Schoonhoven, a small town near his birthplace of Rotterdam. After graduating in 2018, he decided to continue the EZA brand full-time.

Today, Eza follows the same approach to watchmaking as it did in 1900. Only mechanical movements from Switzerland are used, and the watches are assembled in the company's hometown of Pforzheim. Due to the decline of the watch industry in Pforzheim, parts are now mainly sourced from Switzerland, where the headquarters are located. By using similar parts in different watch models, Eza standardizes production and keeps unnecessary costs down, which benefits the end customer. The design of Eza watches is very much influenced by the 60s and 70s.


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