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 +====== Hentschel H1 Chronometer Automatik ======
 +{{wst>image_cr|Hentschel|H1 Chronometer Automatik Edelstahl Silber}}
 +**H1 Chronometer Automatic** is a wristwatch from [[Hentschel]].
 +Timeless classic with clear, uncluttered dial, finely contoured leaf hands and elegantly shaped case in red gold, white gold or stainless steel.
 +Each movement in this series is tested for 1,000 hours in six positions and finely regulated. The [[chronometer certification]] is carried out according to the strict criteria of the former [[Deutsche Seewarte Hamburg|Deutsche Seewarte in Hamburg]], where [[certification]] had been taking place since [[1877]].
 +<html><div class="ud ud_mod"></html>
 +  * [[Self-winding]] [[manufacture movement]] HUW 522 D
 +  * ? [[jewels]]
 +  * Perlage on main plate and movement bridges, double [[sunburst]] on the winding wheels, [[blued]] screws, genuine [[guilloche]] by [[Jochen Benzinger]] on the automatic rotor
 +  * [[Power reserve]] 37 h
 +**Case: **
 +  * 18ct [[red gold]] / 18ct [[white gold]] / [[Stainless steel]]
 +  * Ø 39.5 mm, H ? mm
 +  * Domed [[sapphire crystal]], [[antireflective]] on both sides
 +  * Caseback with [[sapphire crystal]]
 +  * [[Waterproof]] to 5 bar
 +  * Silver
 +  * Leaf hands, [[blued]]
 +  * Hours, minutes, [[Central seconds]], date
 +**Wristband: **
 +  * Leather strap
 +{{tag>Watch_models Hentschel_models}}
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