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IWC Pilot's Watch Mark XI

Pilot's watch IWC Mark XI (click to enlarge!)
Pilot's watch IWC Mark XI

The Mark XI is a pilot's watch by IWC.

The legendary aviator wristwatch Mark XI by IWC may rightly be called a “cult watch”. It was produced in the period from 1948 until the early eighties. Each watch was checked on its accuracy in a 44-day test program at temperatures between minus five and plus 46 degrees Celsius and at five positions.

Not only the pilots of the Air Force, but also civilian airline pilots were familiar with this timepiece. When the Royal Air Force began with the exemption of the Mark XI in the mid eighties, one could still acquire it at 100 to 200 dollars. Today it is a coveted collector's item, which is traded at about several thousand dollars and, unfortunately, is difficult to obtain.

The replacement, Mark XII, was introduced in 1993 as a civilian model with similar styling but an automatic movement.




  • Black with luminous indexes (triangle at 12 o'clock)
  • White numerals
  • Steel hours and minutes hand, coated with luminous color
  • White seconds hand



  • Metal bracelet “BonClip”



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