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This IWC Ingenieur features both bar markers and Arabic numerals (click to enlarge!)
This IWC Ingenieur features both bar markers and Arabic numerals

A marker is a symbol or decoration used to orient the hands, typically as numbers on the dial of a watch. There are different styles of markers for hours, minutes, and seconds as well as for date and other complications.

Marker Styles


The most-common marker style is Arabic or Roman numerals. Most watch dials have hour markers consisting of the numbers, 1 through 12, applied around the circumference.


Another common marker style is a simple arrangement of sticks or batons around the circumference of the dial. These often vary in length or width in a pattern, typically with longer, wider, or doubled sticks at 12, 3, 6, and 9. A watch with stick-style hour markings is often said to be “index marked”.


Bar markers are similar to stick or baton markers but typically have facets on the outer edges, reflecting light and adding interest.


Some watches also feature dots on the dial, often to provide contrast to numerals and sometimes illuminated in some manner.


A sector dial features a regular fence or “railroad track” style.

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