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Musée de l’horlogerie et de l’émaillerie, Geneva

The Musée de l'horlogerie et de l'émaillerie, Genève is the watch museum of the city of Geneva.

  • History of watchmaking in Geneva since the 16th century.
  • Watch restoration studio.


  • Watchmaking
  • Time measurment in five centuries
  • Non-mechanical timekeeping
  • Clocks
  • Automata and music boxes
  • Watches yesterday and today
  • Geneva enamel watches
  • Form watches
  • Watch with complications
  • Automatic watches
  • Enamel paintings and miniatures
  • Jewelry
  • Tools


Musée de l'horlogerie et de l'émaillerie
Route de Malagnou 15
CH-1208 Geneva

T. +41(0)22 418 64 70
F. +41(0)22 418 64 71

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